At every stage of life, we thrive when we engage the right assistance.

At Toronto Residential Downsizing, we strive to be your reassuring comfort and peace of mind through the challenges of estate dispersal, downsizing and moving.

The Toronto Residential Downsizing team is comprised of compassionate, highly-skilled professionals who specialize in supporting families and individuals during times of transition.

Whether the project entails dispersing a loved one’s estate; staging a property for resale; downsizing your home; or redesigning your environment to accommodate changing circumstances;  Laurie and her team is here to help.

Trusted appraisers, sorters, packers, movers and contractors are all part of the Toronto Residential Downsizing team led by:


Over the past decade, Laurie has helped individuals, families, real estate agents and executors manage the inventory, evaluation and dispersal of estates. Recognizing the value of providing specialized support services for clients, Laurie established Toronto Residential Downsizing. The combination of her professional expertise and life experience is the foundation of the services Toronto Downsizing provides. Laurie's personal, professional and caring guidance continues to support clients through major life changes.

For over 20 years, Laurie operated her own design consulting and fine art framing businesses, providing coordination, conceptual advice and project management on residential and commercial design/renovation projects. Laurie's passion for antiques, art, fine furnishings and awareness of current trends has built strong relationships with support specialists and businesses.

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With more than 15 years in operational and project management, Roberta’s excellent interpersonal skills, creativity and practical approach combine to provide a well-rounded delivery of service throughout a project’s cycle.

Roberta is committed to meeting the needs of clients through appropriate planning and communication. She has served as an estate executor and is experienced in managing the estate dispersal process.


We assist families and individuals in transition and are here to help

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