Let us help you achieve your downsizing, moving and estate dispersal needs and wishes. 

Each client’s story is individual; with unique challenges and circumstances.

Whatever your particular needs, we will work with you to create a plan that fulfills your wishes, leaving you with peace of mind knowing all the details are attended to.

We endeavour to provide you with compassionate support throughout the entire process.

We can help:

  • if you need assistance arranging details and preparing the dispersal of an estate
  • when a loved one has passed away and the burden of dealing with estate contents is too much to take on
  • when you want to downsize from the family home to a condo, apartment or retirement residence
  • if you have a health issue that requires you make adjustments to your home, downsize to a smaller environment or a care facility
  • when you need to move and the task of organizing everything becomes overwhelming
  • if you’re facing a change in life circumstances such as divorce, disability or the loss of a loved one and you need to readjust your living environment

Our approach to each project is both rigorous and professional. Whether circumstances are straightforward or of a more sensitive nature, Toronto Residential Downsizing  takes every measure to listen and fulfill your needs in a thorough yet compassionate manner.

With years of collective experience in estate dispersal, project management, interior design and real estate pre-sale preparation and staging; Toronto Residential Downsizing specializes in a comprehensive process that identifies and implements your unique goals.


‘Canada’s Biggest Entrepreneurial Demographic Sport a Few Grey Hairs’ -Camilla Cornell, Financial Post (2016).


For Laurie Hunt, owner of Toronto Residential Downsizing (torontodownsizing.ca), the impetus to launch a new business was financial. Hunt had worked as an interior designer and then owned a framing shop in Toronto for more than 20 years. But by 2006, rents had gone up so astronomically she could no longer continue.

As a single mom with a daughter soon to head off to university, retirement wasn’t an option. And although Hunt tried to operate the framing business from her home, “it was a real intrusion to have customers coming into my house,” she said.

Then she was asked to help someone she met through her framing business wind up her life. “She was totally alone,” Hunt said. “She was terminally ill and in the final months of her life, so I jumped in and started to help her divest of her belongings and make her final arrangements.

The experience brought home for Hunt the necessity for such a service. “There are a lot of people out there who have nobody, or whose friends and family just don’t have time to help,” she said.

So in 2013, at 57, Hunt launched her business, which offers estate dispersals on death, or when elderly clients must downsize to a condo, retirement or long-term care home.

She said her strength lies in her ability to identify items of value and sell them. “The profits go back into the estate in their full amount. In one case I was able to accumulate $47,000 for the estate.”

Like many boomers, Hunt brings a rich tapestry of experience to her task, as well as a strongly developed work ethic. “What I do requires a lot of patience and compassion,” she said. “And I think my life experiences have contributed to that.”

‘For Seniors, Downsizing Can Be a Moving Experience’  -Chip Barkel Blog Article (2014) featuring Toronto Residential Downsizing Services’ personalized approach to moving seniors to their next residence.


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