Friedman Family Story

“Laurie is a phenomenal person whose sensitivity and attention to detail helped our family enormously through a difficult time of transition. She is knowledgeable, thoughtful and incredibly effective at getting things done. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Susan Friedman

Friedman Family Story

“Laurie’s help was invaluable in all stages of my move; before, during and after. I couldn’t have done it without her.”

Bess Friedman

Jim’s Story

“When my best friend died, I was devastated. The loss immobilized me. But he had asked me to be his executor and just when I was at my least effective, I received an enormous challenge. I could turn to my lawyer and accountant for the legal and financial end. But who would help me deal with his household and all the things involved.

I received a recommendation to Laurie’s service from a friend. She managed everything with clear competence but also with respect for my friend, his life and for my grieving process.

The friend who recommended Laurie did me a great favour. I’d like to do the same for you. Whether its an estate or a downsizing – call her.”

Jim Love, Estate Executor

Mari-Jayne’s Story

“The thought of having to go through the house was not only daunting but emotionally would have been very challenging for me. Laurie and her team were organized, professional and researched every item for us but more importantly, they realized the emotional attachment I had to the house and were extremely respectful to that fact. It did not feel like a “company” was doing this….there were great people here helping me through a very stressful situation. It literally could not have been done without them.

I would highly recommend Laurie and her team to anyone not only for their professionalism….but for the caring and support they show.”

Mari-Jayne Woodyatt, Estate Executor

Shira’s Story

“I engaged Laurie’s services in December 2015 as I was attempting to deal with my father’s urgent transition into a retirement facility. At the time I was dealing with a number of obstacles and significant time constraints, and ultimately had less than 4 weeks during the 2015 holiday season to complete the entire move (including disposal of items).

Laurie’s guidance, efforts, expertise and sheer professionalism in helping me to assess, prioritize and action – all the while being a shoulder to lean on in an emotional time – were invaluable to me. With her help I was able to get my father transitioned in the timeline required. As a side note – the landlord from his previous residence told me that he had never seen a unit left as pristinely as Laurie had left it.

I would whole heartedly recommend Laurie’s services. She is a rock, a professional, a subject matter expert and one of the kindest people you can have around you when you’re dealing with major life changes.”

Shira Yoskovitch

Kim’s Story

“Laurie had multiple contacts and managed to sell or dispose of all the contents and cleaned the home to prepare for the new owners.

We would highly recommend working with Laurie, she made a sad and tiresome job pleasant and achievable.”

Kim Shannon, Estate Executor

Scott and Hilja’s Story

“We retained Laurie Hunt’s services to downsize my parent’s home and coordinate all the pre-sale preparation for their Forest Hill home. With her help and expertise, we achieved a smooth, timely and successful sale of the property and then the timely dispersal of the remaining contents. All of this was done with great consideration, respecting that these items were more than “things” but memories of a couple who had spent their lives together for fifty years. Laurie, and her team, made this a much easier process that the family could have ever imagined.

A few years later our own home was severely damaged by a chimney fire.

With Laurie’s help, the damage was addressed and pictures, carpets, walls and more were all restored, cleaned, reallocated, and our house – our home, was back in order and rejuvenated.

It is with great pleasure that I write these words. So often in times of change or difficulty one wishes they had a magic wand to make it all ok again. Laurie with her patience, calm and broad scope of resources did just that for our family.”

Scott Wahlstrom and Hilja Laasen

John’s Story

“We hired Laurie Hunt and her firm to assess and clean out the house, obtain important information on the value of various items in the home including paintings, silver, antique furniture, etc. This was done in a superb fashion, with care and consideration of all the contents of the home. Laurie contacted experts in various fields to ensure what items were worth, arranged for disposal of regular household items and made sure that the house was set up for viewing by prospective purchasers.

I recommend Laurie Hunt and her company to any person wanting to have down-sizing, dispersing and facilitating the final aspects of preparing a home for sale, done in a professional and caring manner.”

John Dow, Estate Executor

Duncan’s Story

“Laurie is a treasure and a delight to work with. Our project involved the dispersal of personal property from two different locations – including furnishings and collectibles – following an international move. Laurie’s approach was bespoke, empathetic, efficient and effective. Our first time hiring a professional, Laurie inspired confidence and put us at ease.  Laurie is knowledgeable, resourceful and organized. She got the results we needed and alleviated the stress associated with the project. We highly recommend Laurie for your project.”

Duncan MacLachlan, Boulogne-Billancourt, FRANCE


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